Persistence…a matchless quality that is indispensable in digging through small or massive quantities of data. It is an attitude we embody and a work ethic we fully engage.

Years of effort directed toward uncovering truth – no matter how deep or obscure – is a hallmark of our business.

We mine past data for possible improprieties and monitor financial processes for potential financial abuses.

Mining - Forensic Accounting

We specialize in forensic accounting for probate matters, financial investigations and litigation support.  We provide personalized services relating to the following:

  • Trusts and estate disputes
  • Conservatorship and power of attorney investigations
  • Marital dissolutions
  • Partnership dissolutions
  • Embezzlement investigations
  • Litigation support/expert testimony in litigation matters.

Today, more than ever, you need a firm that can help you evaluate financial transactions to determine what has occurred. We combine our accounting experience, our financial analysis expertise and investigative tools to analyze financial records and information. We provide you with a clear and concise report of our findings that if necessary, can be used in a court of law. Our experience includes testifying as an expert witness for probate, family law and criminal matters.

Monitoring - Fraud Risk Review

We evaluate a business’ internal controls and determine which areas may be improved to “close the door” on employee theft. We then teach those in charge how to monitor the controls and implement the procedures that we help you develop or upgrade.

Additionally, we can assist and educate beneficiaries of Trusts and Estates by helping them comprehend and utilize the financial documents being provided by the fiduciary.