It is one thing to find fraud and mismanagement buried in the files of an entity. It is quite another task to work to prevent it from happening.

Kerr Forensic Accounting has been investigating employee embezzlement since opening the firm in July 2007.  During these years, the incidents of employee theft have increased significantly and the average loss to a small business is now $175,000.  After seeing the trauma that business owners go through when they discover that a trusted employee has embezzled from the business, Kerr has added a new service:  Fraud Risk Review.

The breadth and depth of our experience enables us to analyze, advise and establish safeguards against inappropriate use of funds in virtually every type of setting.


Our crucial first step is discovering, navigating and mapping existing systems and procedures.


Based upon the creation of this map, the next step is to understand the why’s, the when’s and the how’s of the movement of finances and information inherent in a financially-based setting.


We establish a system to monitor and review methodologies and accountability structures within an entity. These are modified and updated as needed with new written policies and procedures.