CLIENT – Financial Exploitation of Elders

Pam,  I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding job you did on the complicated situation which you sorted out for my family.  When one relative so grossly abuses the funds of a couple in their nineties, the emotions run very high.   Had it not been for your thorough and dedicated work, we never would have known how much money was used.  You not only were willing to attend meetings with law enforcement officers, but also to confrontational meetings with the abuser and his attorney.   Your analysis is thorough and leaves no doubt as to the illegal use of the money involved.   The organization of your findings makes it a snap for law enforcement to go ahead with their case and perhaps make the estate of my in laws whole again.  We could not have done it without you.

Also, your patience and support during what was the most disappointing thing I have ever dealt with within my family was very important to my wife and I.    There were receipts submitted that without knowing the family, I did not think you would catch but you found every single instance I had highlighted to myself to ask you about.  Your charge was not only reasonable but in fact paid for itself. 

The highest compliment I can pay you is that my brother with 30 years of forensic, auditing and accounting experience as chief financial officer of a Fortune 100 company said to me.  “Wow, Your accountant did one amazing job of sorting this mess out “.  I feel the same way.

Thank you!


Between the two experts, the Court candidly found Mother’s expert more credible than Father’s expert. Ms. Kerr was highly qualified and her testimony was straight forward and made sense to the Court. … She explained to the Court intelligently and credibly the difference between owner draws and net income.

Ms. Kerr found, based upon her review of the documents produced, that Father has completely comingled his personal and his business funds and pays many personal expenses from his business.    

Mr. xxxxxx, expert for Father, testified that he reviewed Ms. Kerr’s report. He too prepared a report that was admitted as Respondent’s Exhibit II. He was derogatory toward Ms. Kerr at times in his own report and the Court found while he too is qualified, he was not as credible as Ms. Kerr.

(Excerpts of court order)

CLIENT – Conservatorship Investigation


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We are so grateful for everything that you have done for us. You went far beyond forensic accounting. Your guidance and referrals in seeking the appropriate attorney to help Emile seek accountability has been invaluable. When I first noticed what had happened to the love of my life, I was frustrated and discouraged by the people I had looked to for help in figuring out exactly what took place. No one wanted to get involved, or take seriously the questions that arose when we finally were able to look at the reports filed with the court. If it weren’t for you, Emile would have never known what had happened and it likely could have happened again at some point in the future. Thank you for being one of the few good people left in this world. I can’t truly express how grateful I am for your help. Thank you so much Pam.

Mark K.

CLIENT – Homeowners Association

My name is Mary Sarah Schweiger- I am a branch manager at a community bank in the Metro Denver area, as well as the treasurer for a Homeowners Association in the community. The HOA was presented with a six figure embezzlement situation by a previous management company. To say that it sent the board of directors into a tail spin would be an understatement. Upon looking for an accountant that could help us audit financials that had never been audited, we came across Kerr Forensic Accounting PC. Not only were they reasonably priced, but they allowed us to keep ownership of our proprietary information and their findings. This company came highly recommended by numerous accountants and auditors- and now we understand why!

Upon meeting Pamela Kerr, owner of Kerr Forensic Accounting PC, we understood the value of partnering with them in order to work through this embezzlement situation – to eventually providing enough information to start the prosecution of the criminal in the situation. Pamela Kerr took us step by step through the process. She was welcoming to any concerns and questions we had, while giving us ideas and advise on next steps after the accounting process. She served as a liaison between the board and the insurance company. She truly understands these types of situations and what is needed by the customer.

I would definitely recommend Kerr Forensic Accounting PC! Pamela Kerr and her staff is a wealth of knowledge and experience that is invaluable during these situations. I know my community is continually grateful for the service she provided during this time of crisis!

CLIENT – Trust & Estate Investigation

My friend Ted was a Vietnam Vet who suffered a traumatic brain injury that made his life a challenge. Ted named me his PR before he died of leukemia in 2012. My attorney and I examined Ted’s papers and found a byzantine web of LLC’s and trust accounts that Ted’s attorney had set up over a period of 16 years. Because of her experience in recovering damages in similar cases, my attorney suggested I call Pam.

Even though Ted’s attorney withheld certain documents, Pam was able to piece together the evidence to show 1.4 million dollars’ worth of “nonstandard” transactions. Using her expertise in LLC’s, trusts, and partnerships, she sorted through boxes and boxes of documents and uncovered the facts. These facts were critical in recovering damages through a malpractice suit. I highly recommend Pam to anyone facing a similar situation. I could have not gotten through this tragic time without Pam’s kindness and support.

Lynn K

CLIENT – Employee Embezzlement

I would definitely recommend Kerr Forensic Accounting for any investigative accounting projects. We hired Pam to unravel a complicated embezzlement scheme and we were very pleased with the result. Pam was a true partner throughout the process and counseled us on the investigation, insurance claim procedures, and the prosecution. Pam took a personal interest in our project and was instrumental in the successful outcome of the investigation. Thanks again Pam.

Bryan S.

CLIENT – Divorce

“I found Pam Kerr F. A. online in 2011 when a $300,00.00 IRA account had been reduced to $60,000 after my Ex filed for divorce. She stuck with me through it all and I am so ever grateful for her caring support and the information she was able to provide to the Court. I totally benefited in the end! ”

P.V.S. Northern CO